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New music coming!

     Happy to say that I am currently mixing the songs for my companion EP releases due to drop first quarter 2022. 

     One EP is five fun new songs geared towards children (of course, big people will enjoy these tunes too!) which celebrate every day wonders and adventures that are big deals for little people. The second is an EP of six new songs that explore aspects of life we experience and think about as our life experience grows longer.

     I've been looking forward to releasing kid's music for years and I am excited that the time has arrived.

     I will be setting up my mastering appointment sometime in the next few weeks.

     If you would like to be notified of the release date sign up for my email list here on the website and I'll be sure to let you know.
     I haven't decided yet, in what form I will release this music.  I am thinking at first that I will release these new songs as digital downloads available exclusively here on my website.  Maybe followed by putting them on custom USB drives to be available here on the website and at gigs.  When I can get back out on the road perhaps I'll have a few CD's printed.
     Let me know what your preferred way to enjoy music is and what you formats you would like to see. 

     Unfortunately until this world re-sets, I see what venues are still in existence and I am able to book new tours, my live performances will be rarer than a Pyrenean Ibex.  Not sure what lies ahead but I am chomping at the bit to get out there and see you all again real soon!

     Like so many of us self-employed independent artists, I am looking to keep some sort of income coming in.  If you are able to and would like to, please check out my album downloads from the drop-down menu under "MUSIC/DOWNLOADS" in the menu above and my "WEB STORE".  If you like what you see and hear, pick something up.  It sure would help out and be greatly appreciated!   
     If you would like me to sign or personalize anything, just let me know.

     Another way you could help out in these challenging economic times is by contributing to my "VIRTUAL TIP JAR".

     Two ways to do so would be - 

                                           Venmo: Bruce-Mandel-Songwriter  
         Click the PayPal button below (please choose "personal payment" option)



     While streaming my music is cool and appreciated, streaming revenue is measured in fractions of pennies and, well, you get it.  According to an article published by Visual Capitalist titled "How Many Music Streams Does it Take to Earn a Dollar?", Spotify pays $00.00437 per stream.  That is 229 streams to earn $1.00.  Now, I can tell you that I earn between $00.0001 - $00.005 from one Spotify stream.  Not sure why I get different amounts per stream.  You Tube - 1, 449 streams to earn $1.00.                                                                                                                                                                          
     Streaming music was an $8.8 billion dollar industry in 2019!                                                                                                                                   
     You get the idea.                                                                                                                                                                                                
     Directly purchasing my music through my website means much more money actually makes it to my pocket — when I need it most.                                           

     That said, if you are struggling like many of us are, your money is no good here. 

     If you would like a little pick me up, if your day needs a smile, pick a song or an album that connects with you, 
drop me a line right here through my website by clicking on "CONTACT" above on any page, and give me an email address where I can send you some mp3 files.

     Most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home. 
     I miss you and I hope to see you soon at a live show.
     Stay tuned . . .

     New announcement:  I am now enthusiastically using and endorsing
StedmanUSA products!  I recommend that you check them out.  The PureConnect Kit is great for cleaning all of your connection points in the studio and your instruments in a non-abrasive way.  Stedman's other studio essentials are extremely high quality, made in the U.S.A. and carry a lifetime warranty!  The Stedman ProScreen XL pop filter is the best pop filter that I have ever used. 

     Lyrically driven acoustic based music built upon a diverse sonic landscape! 

     I love to play house concerts! 

     House concerts are the emotional anchors of every tour. 

     I would love to come play an intimate acoustic concert for you, your family, and your friends. 

     Have you been thinking about hosting a House Concert?  Curious about how a House Concert works?  Click on House Concerts in the menu above to find out more.  If you have any questions or you are ready to start planning a House Concert, contact me.  I am here to answer your questions and to help you with your House Concert planning. 

     Together we can create lasting memories with a unique one of a kind musical gathering.

     Take a look around.  Do some exploring.  Listen to some tunes, watch a video & check out my performance calendar so you can catch me live.

          Thanks for visiting and supporting independent music. Come back again soon!

     Peace ...... Bruce

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